About Congregation

Congregation is a site specific installation of contemporary portraiture presented in Saint Paul’s church, Brighton. Artists from the local community and beyond are invited to submit life-size works of seated figures, of specified dimensions, to be placed on the pews to form a congregation. Congregation allows individual responses to questions of representation, symbolism, meaning, self, congregation, religion, iconography, and community.

In 2008 we curated the acclaimed MASS in Clermont Church, Brighton. The exhibition featured fifty eight paintings from thirty artists - each piece was created specifically for the installation. You can view an online gallery of works from MASS.

Congregation follows the same theme as MASS and this year will be held at St. Paul's church in West St, Brighton. Congregation will be open free to the public throughout the festival.

Congregation is curated by shardcore and Sam Hewitt and presented in association with Other Place Productions